A Javascript Library For Writing Bliss Online

Blissymbolics (Bliss) is a symbolic language which allows any phrase to be conveyed by combining symbols. Writing Bliss online has traditionally been very difficult since manipulating images and dealing with alignment is difficult.

AnnotatedBliss is a Javascript library which enables Bliss to be written simply within HTML markup. 

Documentation and download information can be found here.

Example Source:

Hello and <bliss symbols=”feeling arrowintobuilding”>welcome</bliss> to the home of <bliss symbols=”language worldwriting”>Blissymbols</bliss>.

Displays as:

Hello and welcome to the home of Blissymbols.

It is my hope that AnnotatedBliss will allow Bliss to be used more widely online and for new resources to be created to promote it’s use. Please note that this library is currently in beta – please report any problems to owencmoore@gmail.com.

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